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2012 Westfield Market Vastly Improved Versus 1 Year Ago

The 2012 Westfield real estate market was among the most improved in all of Central Indiana, as evidenced by huge increases in several key stats. A total of 603 Westfield homes were sold in 2012, up 51.5 percent over the 2011 total of just 399. This translates to an … [Read More...]


10 Percent More Plainfield Homes Sold in 2012

There was an unmistakable overall improvement in the Plainfield real estate market in 2012 compared to 2011. This took the form of improvements in several key stats, including total closed sales, pending sales and listings. Naturally, total sales is always a good … [Read More...]


Mixed News for Plainfield Real Estate Market in October, 2012

The news was somewhat mixed for the Plainfield real estate market in October, 2012. That’s because improvements seen in total sales were offset by losses in the pending sales department. Starting with total sales, the latest figure of 33 closings represents a … [Read More...]

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