Four Tips for Shopping at Gilley’s Antique Mall

photo of outside of Gilley's Antique Mall in Plainfield

Gilley’s Antique Mall in Plainfield, Indiana.

Looking for that unique find to add to your house? I’ve got the store for you. Gilley’s Antique Mall located in Plainfield has been in operation since 1989. Gilley’s Antique Mall is named after the owners and is an amazing 35,000 square feet of space filled with antiques and a decorator and craft mall. There are around 400 antique dealers who have their items at Gilley’s Antique Mall. What this means for you is that inventory changes and is updated on a regular basis.

Shopping for antique accessories and furniture is a hobby of mine. At home I prefer to decorate with pieces that “tell a story” or are from my family. I regularly use my grandmother’s china and regularly wear my great-grandmother’s costume jewelry. These items hold a lot of good memories and they’re something you don’t see very often.

I enjoy that I have antique chairs, plates, cups and sauces and spoons that I’ve picked up at antique stores over the years. A few of these items I’ve purchased at Gilley’s Antique Mall.

photo of inside of Gilley's Antique Mall

There’s plenty to explore at Gilley’s Antique Mall.

When you go to Gilley’s, you need a plan. The space is so large that it’s hard to visit all of the store at one time (I’ve done it, but it can be a bit overwhelming.). I have four tips for a successful trip to Gilley’s Antique Mall. Keep these in mind before you go.

1) Make a List: Stay organized and on task and write a wish list of five to ten items that you want to purchase and your total budget. You can find many items at Gilley’s for under $25 (You can also find pricier items too). My ever-growing personal list includes chairs, an antique camera, a two-piece vinegar and oil cruet set and costume jewelry.

2) Ask For Help: Bring your list with you and ask for help to find  where you can locate your wish list items. The employees at Gilley’s can help you find what you’re looking for and believe me I’ve asked them before where in the store to find 1940s era jewelry and handbags. They know!

photo of antiques at Gilley's Antique Mall in Plainfield, Indiana.

Looking an “usual” or “rare” item? You’ll find it at Gilley’s Antique Mall.

3) Snap Photos: I don’t go anywhere without my camera or phone. Take photos of items that you like as you’re shopping. When you get home you can load the photos on your Pinterest board for design inspiration. Also, you may leave without getting what you want and you can always email the store later and include the picture of what you want, in case you decide later you’d like to purchase the item.

4) Keep an Open Mind: Don’t pass on items that are in need of repair, such as a distressed chair, which can easily be spruced up with some sanding and a coat of paint. It’s all about DIY (do-it-yourself) and you’ll have a story to share with friends on how you repaired/rehabbed your antique item in your home.

Gilley’s Antique Mall is located on U.S. 40 in Plainfield and is open seven days a week. Their inventory changes on a regular basis so keep that in mind when you go. The four tips I provided will help ensure that you’ll have a successful shopping experience at Gilley’s Antique Mall.


Gilley’s Antique Mall

5789 E. Hwy. U.S. 40

Plainfield, Indiana

(317) 839-8779