Plainfield Business: Explosive Growth, Small Town Values

Downtown Plainfield, IndianaPlainfield, Indiana, a tiny dot on the map compared to the thriving sprawl of Indianapolis, is nevertheless a major hub of commerce. Plainfield business relies on the 25,000,000 acres of industrial zoning at the town’s heart. The Indiana city is the site of many companies’ industrial and distribution centers, including Duke Energy, TKO Graphix, Puritan Benning, Espon, and the giant of Indianapolis business, Eli Lilly and Company. It is one of the largest and most concentrated centers for manufacturing and distribution in the United States, and the explosive growth Plainfield has experienced in the last fifteen years doesn’t look to be slowing.

Like any other small town, Plainfield also has its share of retail outlets like Wal-Mart and Kohl’s. Locally owned businesses dot downtown Plainfield, and big names like Chateau Thomas Winery bring in tourists from Indianapolis and other towns that surround Plainfield. The Indiana city’s proximity to the Indianapolis International Airport and all sorts of Indianapolis attractions make Plainfield hotels a valuable commodity.

Doing Indy video featuring Chateau Thomas Winery in Plainfield, Indiana

Barnes & Noble and Dick's Sporting Goods in the Metropolis Shopping Center in Plainfield, IndianaCentral to the retail presence in Plainfield is the Metropolis Shopping Center. This giant hub of Plainfield business rivals any Indianapolis shopping mall. Filled with Plainfield restaurants, a movie theatre, and tons of specialty shops, the Metropolis Shopping Center is a major Plainfield attraction and a boon to the town’s economy.

The success of Plainfield business largely hinges on the Plainfield Chamber of Commerce. The chamber was originally founded in 1967, but was restructured as part of the municipal government in 1992. Since 1992, Plainfield business has increased by nearly 1000%; a testament to the efficiency of this Plainfield organization.

Video of the Smiley Morning Show‘s Pumpkin Drop at in Metropolis Shopping Center in Plainfield, Indiana

The Plainfield Chamber of Commerce helps the Plainfield business community by hosting fundraisers, open houses, and ribbon cuttings for new businesses; distributing a weekly newsletter that features a Plainfield events calendar, government issues, and meeting information; and sponsoring community services and Plainfield events like the town’s Fourth of July celebration, the Plainfield Farmers’ Market, and the Quaker Day Parade.

Home video of the Quaker Day Parade in Plainfield, Indiana

Far from being a stagnant bedroom community, the small town of Plainfield, Indiana is one of the most explosive economic powers in central Indiana. A major distribution and manufacturing center in the United States, Plainfield business looks as though it will be booming for a long time to come; this satellite city has a prosperous future ahead of it.