Downtown Plainfield: Historic Revitalization in Progress

Founded in 1822 and incorporated in 1839, Plainfield, Indiana has been around a long time. The Indiana city was founded by Quakers, and their influence continues to show in the small town. Downtown Plainfield is perhaps best associated with what is currently U.S. Highway 40 and what used to be the National Road, one of the first interstates in the United States. Along this highway, also known as Main Street in Plainfield, Plainfield businesses sprang up, families came in to the area, and the little Indianapolis suburb began to thrive.

Present-day downtown Plainfield, IndianaHowever, currently downtown Plainfield is beginning to show wear and tear. The area is over 150 years old, after all, and has seen a lot of use in that time. The Plainfield-Guilford Township Public Library is located in downtown Plainfield, as are several other stores and government buildings, but the area is not what it used to be.

To rescue the rapidly deteriorating section of Plainfield, the city’s government has enacted the Historic Town Center Fa├žade Improvement Program. The program, funded by generous grants by the Plainfield Chamber of Commerce, Duke Energy, the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs, and others, will effectively revitalize downtown Plainfield by restoring the historic buildings to their former glory.

Barnes & Noble and Dick's Sporting Goods in the Metropolis Shopping Center in Plainfield, IndianaThe revitalization program hopes to attract Plainfield restaurants and other shopfronts to the area. Plainfield is already known for its extensive manufacturing and distribution centers, and the Metropolis Shopping Center is a big Plainfield attraction, but the town would also like to exhibit its rich history in addition to these modern day conveniences. Within the next year or two, downtown Plainfield should be anything but plain.