Plainfield Education: Go Quakers!

Downtown Plainfield, IndianaPlainfield, Indiana, a suburb of Indiana state capital Indianapolis, has the distinct honor of having one of the best school systems in Indiana. Plainfield Community School Corporation, the governing body of Plainfield education, is the only public school system in the Hoosier State to have every single one of its schools receive a four-star rating two years in a row. It’s clear that Plainfield education has a history of academic excellence.

Plainfield High School is the secondary education institution for Plainfield, Indiana. Recently, the town built a brand new high school to accommodate the growing needs of its students. The school, the crown jewel of Plainfield education, cost the community $103 million, but it should help to raise the next generation of leaders in Plainfield business, Plainfield arts, and other pursuits.

Video of the Plainfield High School marching band in Plainfield, Indiana

An astonishing 82% of all Plainfield High School graduates go on to college, many of them to top Indiana colleges. Indianapolis society benefits from the high graduation rate of Plainfield High School; graduates are given the skills and resources to succeed at such great Indianapolis universities as Butler University, the University of Indianapolis, and Indiana University – Purdue University (IUPUI).

Video highlights of a Plainfield High School basketball player in Plainfield, Indiana

Plainfield sports
fans also rely on Plainfield High School for their entertainment. The school’s boys basketball team won their first state championship in 1999 and continue to be a force to be reckoned with in the Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA). The Plainfield High School football team has also achieved considerable recognition. Both teams are certainly under good influence; Plainfield is only a few miles from the homes of accomplished Indianapolis sports teams like the Indiana Pacers and the Indianapolis Colts.

Below is a list of the schools that make up the Plainfield Community School Corporation, the Plainfield education organization:

Brentwood Elementary School
1630 W Oliver Ave
Plainfield, IN 46168-2099
Central Elementary School
110 Wabash St
Plainfield, IN 46168-1595
Van Buren Elementary School
225 Shaw St
Plainfield, IN 46168-1598
Plainfield Community Middle School
709 Stafford Rd
Plainfield, IN 46168-2269
Plainfield High School
709 Stafford Rd
Plainfield, IN 46168-2269