Plainfield Health: Toning, Treatment, and More

Downtown Plainfield, IndianaIn Plainfield, Indiana, you don’t have far to go to find proper Plainfield health facilities. The Indiana town is a few scant miles away from Indianapolis and all the state of the art Indianapolis health care facilities. However, Plainfield has a few resources of its own to help Plainfield children and adults alike get well and get fit.

There are two major medical care facilities in Plainfield: Hendricks Regional Health Plainfield and the St. Francis Plainfield Health Center. The Plainfield branch of Hendricks Regional Health offers a wide range of programs and treatment options, including immediate care for emergencies, specialized physicians, radiology, diagnostic services, and occupational therapy.

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The hospital also has a special aquatic therapy division to help you recover mobility you may have lost in an accident or other injury. At aquatic therapy, participants exercise underwater using treadmills, steps, and resistance jets. The whole workout is monitored on underwater cameras so physicians can correct issues with the patient’s production.

St. Francis Plainfield Health Center is part of the St. Francis Health Network; the network also has locations in Indianapolis, Beech Grove, and Mooresville. St. Francis Plainfield Health Center offers patients convenient, comprehensive service right in their backyard; the 22,000 square foot facility is just off of Main Street, near downtown Plainfield. The facility supports mammograms, bone density testing, ultrasounds, general check-ups and physicals. Though not on the same scale as the Clarian Health Partners, the St. Francis Health Network serves a large portion of Indiana.

For exercise purposes, Plainfield health has a good number of excellent gyms and fitness centers. Two of the most recognizable are the Plainfield branch of Anytime Fitness and the Capitol Sports Wellness Center. Anytime Fitness is a branch of the popular gym chain (there’s also a location in Indianapolis) and is open 24/7. If you’ve got a busy schedule or a strange workout routine, Anytime Fitness in Plainfield is for you. The fitness center features tanning, personal trainers, televisions in every workout area, free weights, treadmills, and other cardio and conditioning equipment. It’s a great place to get in shape for Plainfield sports.

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Capitol Sports Wellness Center is another major gym in Plainfield. The center’s staff will virtually hold your hand to make sure you get the workout you need; Capitol Sports has massage therapists, personal trainers, and nutritional counselors to keep you on track. Unlike Anytime Fitness, Capitol Sports is not open all day, every day. However, the hours they do have are long; Capitol Sports Wellness Center is open from five to nine Mondays through Fridays, seven to four on Saturdays, and nine to three on Sundays. The gym also offers sports leagues and fitness classes.

If these two gyms and hospitals are not enough for your health needs, the wide array of Indianapolis hospitals, Indianapolis gyms, and Indianapolis treatment centers are just a short drive away.