Plainfield Music: Satellite to Indianapolis Music

Plainfield, Indiana is a moderately sized suburb of Indiana state capital Indianapolis, a bedroom community that has the look and feel of a small town coupled with the easy accessibility of a large city. Like many other towns surrounding the Circle City, Plainfield music is heavily reliant on contributions from its bigger neighbor, but that doesn’t mean the Plainfield music scene is completely limited to Indianapolis bands. As a matter of fact, music lovers in Plainfield have access to a few signature music locations of their own that attract musicians and fans from all over Central Indiana.

Central to any city’s music scene is its assortment of places to play. Plainfield has a few music venues that are of note, some of them just as active as Indianapolis music venues. Plainfield bars are the prime locations for aspiring rock stars to show off their skills. Two of them in particular are widely popular with the Plainfield music scene: Claddagh Irish Pub and Bubbaz Bar & Grill. Claddagh Irish Pub is an Indiana chain with over 15 locations spread throughout the region, including one in downtown Indianapolis. Similar to Fionn MacCool’s Irish Pub in Fishers or Nine Irish Brothers in West Lafayette, Claddagh Irish Pub is the perfect place to get your fill of the emerald isle. This Plainfield bar routinely has professional Celtic bands perform live music on weekends; past guests have included Indianapolis kilt rockers Mother Grove and traditional Irish folk band Ennis Clare.

Video of live music at Claddagh Irish Pub in Plainfield, Indiana

By far the more rowdy of the Plainfield music bars is Bubbaz Bar & Grill, a party bar similar to The Ugly Monkey, Rock Lobster, and Landsharks. This is the place to go if you want to experience the best in Plainfield nightlife and Plainfield music. Local bands come from around the region to play at Bubbaz and experience the cheap drink specials, enthusiastic crowd, and pumped up atmosphere. Indianapolis bands who have performed at Bubbaz include Andrew Young, Spanky’s Clubhouse, Lemon Wheel, The Great Hookup, American Cheese, Flynnville Train, and more, making Bubbaz Bar & Grill a definite hotspot of Plainfield music.

Video of live music at Bubbaz Bar & Grill in Plainfield, Indiana


Aside from Claddagh Irish Pub and Bubbaz Bar & Grill, Plainfield also has two slightly unorthodox music venues: Chateau Thomas Winery and Metropolis Shopping Center. Cheateau Thomas Winery is a world renowned vineyard that is somewhat a center of Plainfield culture. Live music held at Chateau Thomas tends toward the more relaxing variety, including praise singers, country bands, light jazz, and classic soul. Metropolis Shopping Center is normally a haven for Plainfield shopping, but a few bands often play at this Indianapolis shopping mall, generally younger rock and roll bands, though a few larger groups have toured through Metropolis.

Home video of the Jonas Brothers performing at Metropolis Shopping Center in Plainfield, Indiana

Downtown Plainfield also has several options for aspiring musicians. If you haven’t learned how to play your instrument or you don’t have an instrument yet, you can unleash your inner rock star with one of the several Plainfield businesses dedicated to serving musicians. Most of these are located among the shops lining downtown Plainfield, and they include Six Strings Down and Guitars Plus, two different guitar stores, American Sound Productions, a wedding DJ service, Note Worthy Music, and the Spotlight Entertainment Company.

Of course, there’s no music scene like the Indianapolis music scene. One of the best things about living in Plainfield is the short amount of time it takes to get to the Circle City. Within a short drive of Plainfield, you can find yourself in one of the six Indianapolis cultural districts, taking in the cool music going on at Indianapolis bars and Indianapolis music venues. Hot new rock bands take the stage almost every night of the week at venues like The Vogue, Chatterbox Jazz Club, the Emerson Theater, and the Murat Centre, while you can almost always catch classical performances by Indianapolis musical organizations like the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra, and the Butler University Chorale at Indianapolis performing arts venues like Hilbert Circle Theater, Pike Performing Arts Center, and the Madame Walker Theater. The Indianapolis music scene provides plenty of opportunities for Plainfield music fans to experience its fruits.

Video of The Black Keys performing live at The Vogue in Indianapolis, near Plainfield, Indiana

For such a small town, Plainfield, Indiana has a fairly good music scene. There are a few truly great places to perform in Plainfield, including conventional venues like Bubbaz Bar & Grill and Claddagh Irish Pub in addition to more unique locations like Chateau Thomas Winery and Metropolis Shopping Center. Downtown Plainfield is also ripe with opportunities for Plainfield musicians to get new equipment, learn how to play old equipment, or provide entertainment for Plainfield events. And as if all that weren’t enough, Plainfield residents also have easy access to the wealth of Indianapolis music events. If you’re a music fan, there are certainly worse places to be than in the Plainfield music scene.