Nightlife in Plainfield, Indiana

Plainfield, Indiana is a small satellite community of Indiana state capital Indianapolis. It’s a fairly quiet, semi-rural town that has a good balance between small town charm and big city activities. Plainfield nightlife is not a very active body, but it doesn’t really have to be since the town is so close to the Circle City. If you want to get out of the house and party the night away, there are a few Plainfield things to do that can keep you dancing and having a good time until the wee hours of morning.

Plainfield bars are a big source of nightlife in this small satellite community. While places like the Coachman Restaurant, Claddagh Irish Pub, and other bars are good places to grab a brew, hang out with some friends, and watch an Indianapolis sports game on the big screen, there is one Plainfield bar that dishes out the parties like none other: Bubbaz Bar & Grill. Similar to Indianapolis bars like Rock Lobster, Landsharks, and The Ugly Monkey, Bubbaz is your one stop Plainfield nightlife hub. Crazy drink specials, friendly bartenders, an always intense crowd, and lots of distractions make Bubbaz a good place to spend the weekend. Round in routine performances by some of the coolest bands in Indianapolis music, including Andrew Young, The Great Hookup, Spanky’s Clubhouse, and Flynnville Train, and you’ve got the brightest star in Plainfield nightlife.

Video of live music at Bubbaz Bar & Grill in Plainfield, Indiana


Another great place to spend an evening in Plainfield is the Metropolis Shopping Center. Though a massive Indianapolis shopping mall might not be the first place on your list for nighttime fun, Metropolis is far more than your average shopping mall. At night, the whole facility is lit up with festive lights, and the mall becomes an arena for good times. Live music is held here on a fairly constant basis, bringing in every range of performer, from local music groups to international superstars like The Jonas Brothers. This haven of Plainfield shopping also has tons of stores, shops, and Plainfield businesses to while away the evening hours.

Video of The Jonas Brothers performing at Metropolis Shopping Center in Plainfield, Indiana

Aside from these two Plainfield attractions, the Plainfield nightlife scene isn’t really much to speak of. Luckily for Plainfield residents, however, the bright lights and sounds of downtown Indianapolis are only a short drive away. Plainfield residents have access to the wealth of Indianapolis society, including the very best in Indianapolis nightlife. Eat at one of the many fine Indianapolis restaurants, tour an Indianapolis cultural district to find an Indianapolis bar that suits your taste, from the dingiest dive bar (Alley Cat Lounge) to the classiest martini bar (Blu Lounge), or attend an Indianapolis performing arts show at one of the many high class Indianapolis theaters; in the Circle City, you can certainly have a wild night.

Plainfield nightlife has just enough to keep its residents interested. Bars like Claddagh Irish Pub and The Coachman provide some good times, while Bubbaz Bar & Grill is the main nightlife hotspot in Plainfield. Metropolis Shopping Center also affords some late night options, but for a really good time, Plainfield residents are able to make a short trip and end up in Indianapolis. Plainfield nightlife may not be much to speak of on its own, but you can certainly spend a fun evening or two in this charming little town.