Splash Island Family Waterpark: Aquatic Excitement in Plainfield

Plainfield, Indiana, a suburb of Indiana state capital Indianapolis, has a lot more fun activities than you’d think for such a small town. Located only a few miles from the Indianapolis International Airport, it’s hard for this Midwestern burg to compete with the host of Indianapolis attractions, Indianapolis things to do, and Indianapolis events. However, the town has a few Plainfield attractions up its sleeve to keep residents and visitors alike interesting in staying for a few days longer.

Splash Island Family Waterpark is one of the main things to do in Plainfield, especially during the summer months. Plainfield children love its twisting water slides, its deliciously terrifying vortexes, and the thrilling adventure of its lily pad hop; adults and parents love the cool touch of the clean water, the decadent relaxation of the lazy river, and most of all, the chance for their kids to be happy. Run by the Plainfield Parks and Recreation Department, Splash Island Family Waterpark is well thought out and well maintained.

There are two sections to Splash Island Family Waterpark: one indoors and one outdoors. The indoor section of Splash Island is part of the Plainfield Indoor Aquatic Center and is open year round for watery fun. At the indoor center, water warriors can take in the thrill of a two story, twisting water slide, train for Plainfield sports by swimming laps in the lap lanes, or float along a gently winding river. There’s no need to worry about your children doing something unsafe; Splash Island Family Waterpark has a well-trained and highly alert lifeguard staff available at all times, making sure your children are safe and having fun.

Video of R/C boats at Splash Island Family Waterpark in Plainfield, Indiana


In addition to all the fun regular activities at Splash Island Family Waterpark, the indoor water park also hosts special Plainfield events and activities. Splash Island is an integral part of the Plainfield health system; residents of all ages can participate in the water aerobics program to get fit and toned, water therapy to ease arthritis pains, or swimming lessons to be at home in the water. Residents can also get certified as a junior or senior lifeguard, get first aid and CPR certification, and let go of their daily worries with Ai Chi water relaxation techniques. Plainfield children can participate in the Aqua Athletes program or earn their Aqua merit badge for boy or girl scouts.

The second section of Splash Island Family Waterpark is the outdoor portion. The outdoor section is only open during the summer months, so be sure to take advantage of this 3-acre paradise while the sun is shining and the humidity is up. Larger than the indoor side, the outdoor section features more of everything. It has three huge water slides, a children’s play area with water guns, kiddie slides, and other things to do, a crossing with giant plastic lily pads, two vortexes, and much more.

The outdoor section of Splash Island Family Waterpark also has a Plainfield restaurant of sorts, the SnacKabana Island Cafe. Far from being your ordinary refreshment booth, Splash Island’s SnacKabana serves up hot dogs as big as your head, fresh, salty jumbo pretzels, deliciously cheesy pizza, and Mucho Nachos loaded down with cheese, meat, and other satisfying toppings. You can also partake in that Indianapolis shopping mall staple, Dippin’ Dots, the astronaut age ice cream treat. SnacKabana food not good enough for you? Bring your own lunch from home; Splash Island is all about serving its customers.

All in all, Splash Island Family Waterpark is an excellent place to bring the kids for a day in the sun, in the water, or both. Need a break from the hustle of downtown Indianapolis? Drive a few short miles down to Plainfield, Indiana and experience the Caribbean right in the heart of central Indiana. The Hoosier State never looked so tropical as when you’re spending the day at Splash Island Family Waterpark!

Splash Island Family Waterpark
651 Vestal Rd
Plainfield, IN 46168-3309


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